Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Recipe 37 Make Peace with Yourself

Making peace is about cleansing and forgiving. It is about opening yourself up to allow positive energy to flow. It's about letting go of negative thoughts that are
holding you back or blocking you from getting what you want. It's about getting rid of those limiting thoughts you were taught growing up. It's about regaining your power.When you take control of your life, you become the powerful creator of the life you want. Here's a recipe (p.108-9)to 'look back' and make peace:

Recipe 37: My Life in Review
Find a quiet place and reflect on your life beginning now and going backwards in time. As you begin to review it, ask yourself questions. Are there people or experiences or events in my life that have had a very negative affect on me and still continue to evoke strong negative feelings in me? Am I angry about someone or something? Have I accepted and truly felt those feelings so I can let them go? Once you have found such a memory, let yourself see the image of it. See in your mind what exactly it was about, feel the feelings associated with it and then forgive yourself or another and be thankful for the experience, accepting that evry experience in our life has made you who we are.

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